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Spain makes world's first robot with conscience - SiliconIndia

If Life is defined as a State of Knowing, the establishment of Knowledge in matter reflects its condition or state of Living. The Living Entity is aware, alert, and is conscious of its own state of existence and also of the environment in which it exists. This awareness gives Life its unique ability to derive and exploit energy from its environment. Energy Dependence cannot be defined as life. Life transforms the energy it had derived from the environment into a new kind of chemical energy and uses it to perform all of its functions. Living Organisms exist in a state of consciousness which enables them to establish this connection between the 'energy seeker' and the 'energy provider'. This Knowledge is not acquired from the environment in which life exists. This Knowledge is not naturally prevalent and is not a product of sensory experience. The Source of this Knowledge could be best described as 'Supernatural' and the Controller of this Knowledge is a Supernatural Entity who may be known as God. God is Knowledge and Knowledge is God.
Tags: god is knowledge, knowledge is god, origin of knowledge, source of knowledge

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