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Lord Gautama Buddha - The Experience of Sorrow in Human Existence.
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Lord Gautama Buddha claimed that pain, suffering, and the experience of sorrow( "DUKHA" ) is implicit in Human Existence. There is no escape from sorrow. Fortunately, there is some good news. When man recognizes pain, or sorrow in the lives of others, it spontaneously arouses the feelings of compassion. If pain is an integral part of human existence, compassion is an instinctive response generated by human nature. The problem is, man unfailingly recognizes his own pain and sorrow and pays no attention to the pain and sorrow that is being experienced by others. When I recognize my own sorrow, I may generate a feeling of self-pity and not that of compassion. Compassion, also described as 'Karuna'(Kindness), or 'Krupa' in Sanskrit language, acts like a physical force/power/energy. It has the power to uplift man from sorrow. Self-pity has no such uplifting power. As a human, I can only use compassion to serve others and not for promoting my own well-being. People who do not recognize God's compassion often live in a state of self-pity. The natural instinct of compassion comes into play when man recognizes and reacts to pain that he witnesses in the lives of other living entities.

At my Homepage of BhavanaJagat I have described about pain tolerance, pain resistance. I had also discussed about the difference between the pleasure derived from self-gratification and the experience of pure joy, Ananda, a state of sweetness or 'madhurya' derived from serving others with compassion.


Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham, B.Sc., M.B.B.S.,
Medical Officer, South Column, Operation Eagle 1971
Headquarters Establishment No. 22  C/O  56  APO
Tags: pain and compassion, pain management, pain resistance, pain tolerance, r rudra narasimham

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